Whois Lookup

Whois lookup tools provide domain name information. "Whois" is a protocol used to query databases that maintain domain name registration information, such as the domain owner name and contact information, the domain registration and expiration dates, and its DNS name servers. Whois lookup tools can provide a domain owner, registrant, registrar, registration and expiration dates, and status (such as whether it is currently active or inactive). Some Whois lookup software provide the domain owner phone number, email address, and location. Whois lookup software can identify the owner of a website or domain name, investigate potential trademark or copyright infringement, or check domain name availability. Security professionals can use them to examine phishing attacks and domain hijacking. Some domain registrars and domain owners choose to keep their Whois information hidden or obfuscated to preserve their privacy and prevent spam or unwelcome solicitations. Whois lookup software may not provide accurate domain information in such instances.

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